Hello there internet folks.

My name is PicNoir (I used to be NinjaTrappeur), I am a software engineer located in France.

My interests in computers range from functional programming, testing techniques, software verification to system programming, networking, immutable infrastructure, and hardware hacking.

More generally, I am into building easily maintainable and resource-savvy software.

I'm very concerned about climate change. Reducing my carbon footprint and adapting my way of life for it has been my AFK focus for the last couple of years. I did not find a way connect my professional career/computer interest to that, yet.

You can find my code on GitHub, or read about my experiments on my Weblog.

You can reach me on IRC (geeknode, hackint, liberachat) via my handle picnoir, on Matrix via @picnoir:alternativebit.fr, or via the Fediverse.